luni, 5 august 2013

Marapoints Generator Hack v2.1 for Marapets - Undetectable Cheat 2013

Download: Marapets Marapoints Generator Hack v2.1 -
This Marapoints Generator Hack for Marapets allows you to generate ANY amount of Marapoints to your Marapets account. It uses an exploit to edit the Marapoints variable of your account. It is completely undetectable and will not get your account banned! It is suggested that you use this hack sparingly, though, as overuse may get it to be patched by the admins if they take notice. If this happens, please us the "Report Bugs" button in the hack and let us know as soon as possible and we will develop a new updated working version if possible.

How to use Marapoints Generator v2.1:
Enter your username and the amount of Marapoints you wish to have and then click "Start Hack". The program will go through a process of editing the MPS variable of your account. Once the process is complete, it should say "Hack Successful". Once it is done log out and log back into your Marapets account to update the MPs variable.

Click here to download Marapoints Generator Hack v2.1600px-Information_icon.svg_-150x150

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