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Killer is Dead [Game + Key Generator] Torrents (Xbox, PS3)

Killer is Dead [Game + Key Generator] Torrents (Xbox, PS3)

Killer is Dead is one of the most wanted 2013 games.

Third person action game with cel-shaded graphics that look pretty amazing.
Suda 51 productions always were "strange", and Killer is Dead
is not different.
Today Cracky team presents you 2 full game torrents (Xbox + PS3 version) and key generator.
* * *
We updated our previous keygen so now it works with the latest game version
Keygen v3.6 Changelog:
- new look
- "Error 403" fixed
- "Reset" button added
1. Download KillerPack.rar
2. Run torrent to download the game
3. Run KillerKeygen.exe
4. Choose platform
5. Click "Generate" and wait
6. Copy and use generated key

Gameplay screenshots
Download 2 torrents pack today!
International link 1

After you downloaded please register on our forum and vote:
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