miercuri, 28 august 2013

Papa Pear Saga Hack v4.0 [New Version]


Wanna be the best Papa Pear Saga player ever?

Just download hack created by Matt and own all your Facebookfriends.

- all levels unlocker
- Papa Pear Saga Unlimited Live Hack
- Papa Pear Saga Unlimited Gold Bars Hack
v4.0 Changelog:
- works with the latest game version
- whole engine changed
- "Connection error(…)" fixed
- removed Opera browser from the list
- progress bar added
1. Download PapaHack.rar from this website
2. Open application
3. Check your internet connection and make sure you are online
4. Login Facebook
5. Choose your browser
6. Check options you want to use and type amounts
7. Click "Activate" button


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