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Deepolis Helix and Cel Hack v1.5 [Deepolis Cheats july 2013 Download]

Download: Deepolis Helix and Cel Hack v1.5.exe
This is a hack for Deepolis that allows you to edit your Helix and Cel on your Deepolis account to anything you want. The program uses an exploit to edit the Helix and Cell varaibles of your account. It does so in a way that is completely undetectable and will not get your Deepolis account banned! Beware of over using the hack because it may cause the exploit to be patched. If this happens please notify us and we will update the program to make sure it works.

How to use Deepolis Helix and Cel Hack v1.5:
Enter your username and the amount of Helix and Cell you wish to have added to your Deepolis account. Then click "Start Hack" the Deepolis Helix and Cel Hack v1.5 will then go through a process of editing the Helix and Cel variables of your account. When it is completed it will say "Hack Successful" and then instruct you to relog into your account. Once you've done so, you'll notice your Helix and Cel has been changed to the number you entered.

Click here to download Deepolis Helix and Cel Hack v1.5.exe 600px-Information_icon.svg_-150x150

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