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First Touch Soccer 2014 Cheats for Credits and VIP Unlock

First Touch Soccer 2014 Cheats for Credits and VIP Unlock

The most amazing and outstanding soccer game on the planet is back and now you can easily unlock VIP and have lots of credits with the all new First Touch Soccer 2014 Cheats. You can now access manager mode that will let you handle all clubs, make your players and team because you now have a lot of credits and money to spend in the game. It is the final time to have it and enjoy the playing the no.1 sport in over 50 countries. This will stun you literally with its graphics and beautiful game play. Now is the right moment to get hold and use the First Touch Soccer Cheats Tool
First Touch Soccer 2014 Hack
First Touch Soccer 2014 Credits Cheat and FTS Unlock VIP
To get ahead of your opponents, you must unlock the VIP mode in FTS and manage all clubs, you can make your squad really strong for the next match up and of course you always want to win that is why you must have perfect goal, get past your opponents easily and score the point, and block all incoming ball from them to ensure your victory, made easy with this tool.

First Touch Soccer 2014 Cheats Credits and VIP Unlock Features:

  • Easily have lots of credits and money in the game
  • Unlock VIP Mode
  • Have Perfect Goal- Shooting
  • Block your opponents shot easily
  • Works on Android and iOS, can be connected to PC or MAC
  • No jail break needed, not even rooting or 3rd party softwares
  • Easy to use, complete and step by step instruction included

First Touch Soccer 2014 Cheat Proof Screenshot

First Touch Soccer 2014 Working Cheat Proof for Credits and Unlocked VIP Mode
You will be on the leader boards for bragging once you have the same as the credits shown on the proof, when you unlock the VIP section, you can access a lot of features in the game such as star player match, quick match, tournaments and much more. You will enjoy also the AI capability of this game that will improve tactics and switches to defensive and attacking mode tremendous.
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