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League of Legends Riot Points Generator

League of Legends Riot Points Generator

First of all when you enter your LoL Nickname,the generator tries to search the account in the database
When the account is found,it then connects to the internal database server.
After it makes it way into the internal server,it selects randomly any Riot Points package starting from 650 RP to 7200 RP.(we made it random so that everytime the same package is not hacked ensuring that your account remains safe).
When the process is finished it gives a message of completion.

What Can You Buy With Riot Points?
Champions: Purchase champions to increase your playable champions.
Skins: Get skins for your favourite champions.
IP & XP Boosts: Increase the amount of experience and Influence Points you gain in every League of Legends game.
Name Change: A summoner name change, change your League of Legends name.
Rune Pages: Buy extra rune pages to give you more rune options.

Download:You can download League Of Legends Riot Points Generator below:

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