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Train Defense Hack tool

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Good grief! The water tower is under attack – don’t let them take its precious water. Only your trusty steam engine can save the day. Add carriages, mount turrets and be ready to take on the enemy, but don’t forsake your passengers who await transport across the field.***** Exciting new twist on the Tower Defense Genre
***** Instantly accessible but packed with strategy
***** You’ve never played anything like it!
- smooth 60fps 3d gameplay
- double-tap zoom in/out for iPhone/iPod accessibility
- detachable carriages can be left strategically on the battlefield
- 10 different turret types with unique strategic uses
- carriage and tower upgrades
- ferry passengers for points and to increase item drops
- power up allows you to smash through enemies
- gamecenter achievements and leaderboard
- survival mode gameplay gets progressively more frenetic
- 3 different game modes – Arcade, Strategic and Just4Kids
- toot your horn for a speed boost

What’s New

Some changes due to user feedback:
- leaderboard score is now 64bit – yep, someone clocked the old 32bit score 7 times. Nice on Anton.- added a UFO mothership enemy. If this crashes on your turrets it lets of an EMP to disable any nearby shields.
- added a anti-aircraft turret. Aircraft destroyed with this will not crash on your vehicles.
- reduced particles on explosions as it was getting too hard to see what is going on
- removed the 3d view. A cute idea but it didn’t add much and got in the way of the gameplay.
- slowed down the initial waves a little to get new players some time to get on their feet.

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