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Free iPhone 5 – How to Get a Free iPhone 5

Free iPhone 5

Are you looking for a free iPhone 5? Then look no further. One of the best gadgets ever invented is the iPhone 5. Not only does it give us more functions then just a phone. We can keep up to date with weather, email, surf the web and keep in contact with friends. What could be better then owning a new iPhone? Well getting it for free. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of sites online claiming to give you aFree iPhone 5 but most of them are scams and I myself hate being promised something that is not going to end up on my door step.
What I am going to show you here is a tried and tested method of receiving a brand new iPhone 5 for free. Companies are looking for testers all the time. They need in-depth data about how people use and react to new products such as the iPhone 5. For your time and effort you get to keep the device at no cost, hence the iPhone 5 for free. All you have to do is simply test and use the iPhone 5 as a regular user and let the company know about any bugs or user disadvantages.

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iPhone 5 for Free : How it Works

Research companies spend millions of dollars on product and consumer testing. This is how the free iPhone offer has come to be. New products cannot just be released into the public in hopes that they “just” work. Extensive testing is done to ensure that they work and that they work well. Could you imagine releasing a new phone just to find out that it wont text? or make calls? Well companies cant afford an oops like that. You could be a proud new owner of an iPhone 5 before any of your friends even see it. Imagine the look on their faces as you whip out your never before seen iPhone 5 that you got for free.
How exactly does the free iPhone offer work? Well to qualify as a tester, you have to fill out their form and follow all the instructions step by step. You can only register once and only one person per household is allowed to qualify as a iPhone tester. You can register once every 30 days and when you are picked to become a tester, your free iPhone 5 will arrive at your doorstep with the proper instructions on how to report any bugs.

Free iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5 boasts to be quipped with a larger display, a fast dual core processor and higher resolution. Your free iphone 5 has a sleeker body design shaped like a tear drop, shatter and scratch proof screen with longer battery life and much more that I’ll leave you to discover for yourself. Click below to get your free iPhone 5.

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  1. Joe b says:
    Thanx for the info. I just signed up and can’t wait to get my new phone. It looks amazing.
  2. Joe M says:
    Cant wait to get my free iphone 5. Thank you for being so helpful!
  3. max says:
    Wow!! Free iphone 5? I hope I get picked!
  4. Mcnelly says:
    My friends are really going to think im cool now! Wait til they see my new iphone. Lol
  5. J. Kelly says:
    Can’t wait for mine.

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